SHAW diamonds & design is pleased to offer a consignment service to our clients.  We understand that our clients may have jewelry items that were given to them in the past that they no longer wear, or might be styles of jewelry that are no longer their preference.

Consignment jewelry designs are priced to sell when listing them with SHAW diamonds & designs.  We recommend listing your jewelry item below what the current cost of purchasing this item would be today.  These jewelry designs are pre-owned pieces, and are often out-of-date.  Consignment valuations are not based upon appraisal valuations of jewelry items.

SHAW diamonds & designs will meet with you to help determine a mutually agreed upon consignment valuation that will be listed on our website & solicited to new clients.  Items will be listed and shown in the condition they were delivered to SHAW diamonds, unless client requests items to be repaired or cleaned/re-polished, which will be a separate repair fee charged before listing.

  • No fees are charged until the sale of your jewelry item.  There is a minimum fee of $100, with fees increasing based on the following transactional valuation scale:


Fancy Yellow Oval with side half moons

Transaction Value:             Seller Fee

$1,000 – $5000                        20%

$5,001 – $50,000                     15%

$50,001 – $250,000                  10%

$250,001 – Above                      5%


Jewelry items under a $1,000 transactional sale value (not appraisal value or client’s original purchase price) will be charged the $100 minimum fee upon sale of the item.  All jewelry is protected in our state of the art security system, and insured against loss or theft.



Consignment Pieces: